Stretch Your Ring Finger With Your Thumb and Maintain For a Few Seconds. Reason You’ll Love!

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Did you know, that you can achieve perfect harmony and peace with your hands?  Mudras or spiritual gestures are the different positions of the arms and are important when you practice yoga. This will bring happiness to your life.

It is believed that the human body has five elements (fire, air, space, water, earth).

  • Thumb: Fire
  • Index Finger: Air
  • Middle Finger: Space
  • Ring Finger: Water
  • Pinky Finger: Earth

Due to the many nerve endings that concentrated on the fingers, it is believed to hold energetic points. When we press these energetic points, we can manipulate the elements that support the circulation of energy throughout the body.

This is exciting because you can do it anywhere, anytime, and all you need is a few minutes and a place to relax.

Below we give you instructions how to practice the Mudras and which are their benefits:

Agni Mudra (Mudra of Fire)

agni mudra

Instructions:  Bring the ring finger to the palm, press the second phalanx with the base of your thumb, and extend the other fingers.

Benefits: This position will boost the immune system, as it will improve the metabolism.

Vāyu Mudra (Mudra of Air)

vayu mudra

Instructions: Fold the pointer to the Palm, and press with the base of the thumb. Extend the other three fingers.

Benefits: It treats a bloated stomach and constipation.

Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Void)

shunya mudra

Instructions: With your thumb base press the first phalanx of the middle finger.

Benefits: It is beneficial for nausea, dizziness, and problems with tongue, nose, and ears.

Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water)

Varuna mudra

Instructions: Touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of the thumb, but don’t press them hard. The other fingers should remain straight. Do this in a sitting position, while legs crossed.

Benefits: This Mudra will help to relieve the pain and reduce mouth dryness.

Prithvi Mudra for Treatment (Mudra of Earth)

prithvi mudra

Instructions: Touch the tip of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Then, press the two fingers together, and extend the others.

Benefits: This will adjust the balance of the element of Earth in your body, and will help your digestion.

Gyana Mudra for Healing (knowledge Mudra)

gyana mudra

Instructions: Sit in a Lotus position, and put your hand on the knee. Then, touch with the tip of your index finger the tip of your thumb and close or extend the other three fingers.

Benefits: This position relaxes the mind and improves your concentration. Support intelligence, cure insomnia, manage stress and reduces depression.

Prana Healing (life Mudra)

prana mudra

Instructions: Bend your little finger and ring finger then touch the tips of these two to the tip of the thumb.

Benefits: This hand position will prevent fatigue and cure eye problems. It also energizes the body and boosts the immune system.

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